About Lanskeys
Come in to just smell the leather - Selling all your favourite horse brands and accessories since 1957. Now with a new online store.
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About Lanskeys

Shopping with Lanskey’s

Thanks for visiting our website! If you are ever in Townsville make sure you pop in for a visit, just to smell the leather!

The History of Lanskey’s Saddleworld Townsville

Jim learnt his trade from his uncle Roy Lanskey and brother Ted in Cairns before becoming a travelling Saddler. Jim serviced cattle stations from Alexandria to Glenormiston.


A fortuitous trip to the Alice Springs hospital saw Jim meet the love of his life Patricia, a beautiful young nurse from Sydney.


Cloncurry became home to the young family in 1955 where Jim and Pat had a saddlery on Ramsay Street.


84 Bowen Road Townsville became their home in 1957 where they operated under their house. The hitching rail at the front was handy for many a visiting horse and rider.

2018 marks 61 years for Lanskey’s Saddlery on Bowen Road, many things have changed but the lovely thing is, a lot stays the same.


We appreciate the support we have been given and the friends we have made over the years.